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BrickWire is not your average Web group

BrickWire is a team of business strategists and Web experts revolutionizing business with its proven development cycle. BrickWire partners with businesses who are committed to breaking through the status quo, doing away with everyday inefficiencies and exceeding the expectations of their audiences. If your business is ready to replace challenges with streamlined custom web solutions…

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The BrickWire Difference

BrickWire’s iterative development method breaks life-sized projects into bite-sized pieces. We start small and focus on quick and consistent deliverables. You tell us what elements of the big picture are most important to you. That’s where we start!

BrickWire is here for you to discuss challenges, options and answer any questions. Working with you every step of the way, BrickWire’s team will make sure the progress matches your goals. As portions are strategized and built, you will test live software on BrickWire’s own staging servers and deliver feedback. This ongoing cycle lets you put new developments to work even as BrickWire creates and refines additional elements. No waiting for an entire mammoth project to wrap before testing. And no reaching the end only to find your business needs have changed. At BrickWire, with your constant interaction, we adjust as we go. Your result? Easy budget projections, immediate value and software that grows with your business.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when strategy we leave.

Whether crafting your custom Web software, designing your website or consulting, BrickWire always launches from a thorough set of blueprints—analysis specific to your business’s strengths and weaknesses, analysis you’ll want to keep! Time spent conceptualizing translates to efficient development, accurate vision and product effectiveness. BrickWire never jumps in without the right plan.

Are you ready to experience a custom-designed business solution you can put to work right away? See if BrickWire is a good fit.


Our Specialties

BrickWire can facilitate the entire process of plugging your brick-and-mortar business into the wired age. We specialize primarily in database-driven web-application and rich graphical user interface design using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Working with these open source technologies helps us to maximize the return on investment for our clients. Although we prefer to work using open source technologies you’ll be happy to know that we are also fluent in C#, Windows Server, IIS, MS SQL Server and ASP.NET. Knitting various technologies together through web service APIs and interfacing with mobile platforms is always an enjoyable challenge for us.

Web Applications (What’s a Web App?!)

Gmail, Facebook, and Mint are good examples. The real answer is almost every website you use. Web applications are just software you access via your browser. An app may be a business in itself suited for entertainment (like Facebook) or a platform for streamlined facet of business transactions (your online banking site, for example).

Many small businesses require Web Apps to manage expenses or employee data. Broad-brush, boxed software offers rigidity and often requires professional customization. BrickWire can build a solution to suit your needs from the ground up—with a process that puts new tools in your hands faster than the competition.

A living thing. Code should grow and adjust with your business. BrickWire cycles through its proven method to strategize, build, design, develop, integrate, test and promote new features as needed—all the while your software increases in value. Updating your software is often as quick as pushing a website update.

Business Consultation

Jump in the BrickWire think tank. Don’t know where to begin? Should you do away with your ineffective website, or can it be repurposed to meet your goals? Have you worked with Web design groups only to spend months and money waiting for a site that never quite fit? Maybe you just want to know how the internet can better serve your business? BrickWire is here to help.

BrickWire’s business analysts will sit down with you to uncover the underlying processes in your business–processes that are moving you forward or holding you back. We’ll help you harness the technology you already have to promote your business and shed insight on new technologies you might want to consider.

Need good solid expert feedback?

Website Design & Development

We give you the website your competitors want! BrickWire uses modern website technologies to elevate your website. We’ll work with you to hone your message, drive your visitors to action and improve the viability of your venture.

Luckily for our clients, the BrickWire DNA in each of our team members thrives on continuing education and the discovery of new industry trends. To say software and website development is our craft is to put it lightly. Technology is our profession and our hobby. Each BrickWire Client reaps the freshest technology available!

Falling behind? Maybe your business has lost touch with the state of technology. Find yourself at the cutting edge of possibility. The Internet maximizes organizations around the globe. Let BrickWire harness that power to maximize yours.


  • Analysis

    A common understanding between BrickWire and your business is foundational to the success of your technical project.

    Make your list—all of the things that could be better with your business or the software idea you would like to take from concept to reality. If you can dream it up, we can build it out (or die trying!).

    • Website bogging down due to increased holiday traffic?
    • Employees manually processing the same forms over and over again?
    • Or, maybe you have an idea for a custom Web App you’d like to take to market, and you just need the brains to build it to perfection?

    Bring these thoughts to the table. BrickWire’s analysis stage fleshes out the goals and obstacles of your project.

    We develop a thorough understanding of your unique processes and challenges before any design begins. Your thorough preliminary analysis highlights specific strengths and weaknesses to craft a precise course of action, eliminating unnecessary (and sometimes costly!) trial and error. When the analysis stage is complete you will have a valuable detailed project specification in your hands that will guide your scheduling and budgeting decisions throughout the course of your project.

    Stage 2 » Custom Design

  • Custom Design

    Beyond mere aesthetics, design is the science behind the final form. It involves every aspect of a product and process. Code, documents, processes—all of these we design to create an engaging and intuitive user experience for your target audience.

    BrickWire merges technical beauty and effectiveness to keep your business on top of the industry.

    It is in the design phase that site maps (organized listing of pages), wireframes (page schematics or blueprints) and process flow diagrams are drafted to illustrate what kind of information is captured, how it is organized, and where it is displayed throughout your software or web site. At the same time our business analysts and database architects are helping you to make decisions about the technology needed to support your business from behind the scenes.

    Stage 3 » Development

  • Development

    The hard hats come out during development.

    BrickWire’s business strategists and technical gurus combine their respective know-how to build software systems based on collaborative analysis and design. New design elements grace custom interfaces, and new code (along with old, where beneficial) forms a fresh set of digital directions.

    Internally, an agile process organizes our project tasks and features into a backlog of work material—handy for speeding the fix to quirks identified in Testing or Deployment.

    Progress quickly advances as specialized experts work independently on each feature. And as they do, progress is tracked centrally, allowing experts to collaborate where necessary for a consistent product.

    Stage 4 » Integration

  • Integration

    Integration improves your business processes.

    For instance, replacing paper forms and convoluted systems with easily accessible Web tools. We integrate payment processing systems, accounting packages, content management systems and a host of other components as needed to fulfill the goals of your project.

    Integration allows:

    • Interoperability among software systems.
    • Custom applications to interact seamlessly with other tools.
    • Access to the resources of other software systems.
    • Complex platforms with elegant interfaces.

    BrickWire uses Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) to complete custom integrations designed specifically for each Client’s needs. Once all components “play nice,” we move to:

    Stage 5 » Testing

  • Testing

    BrickWire’s personal testing is head and shoulders above the rest.

    Our testing is reliable to verify functionality, ensure the responsiveness of user interfaces and uncover quirks—all while meticulously tracking changes to guard against any new issues and the reintroduction of old ones (a.k.a., “regression bugs”).

    Our testing tools include unit testing (ensures the operability of the individual parts), functional testing (verifies the overall compliance of the system to the original specifications), and careful user-action simulations (cinches the desired end user experience).

    Features that pass BrickWire testing are marked as “complete” and deployed for:

    Stage 6 » Deployment

  • Deployment

    BrickWire delivers your functional software to a production server.

    Now, it’s your turn. You can thoroughly experience it both from the backend and as your audience will experience it. Piece by piece, functions collect to form a larger and more complex, well integrated software-based Web app or website.

    Give it all you’ve got! Bug tracking software maintains a list of issues, so BrickWire can effectively maintain the software or fix anything that may go awry.

    Like it? Use it! Take it live right away and watch it impact your business! Add more functions as they become available or continue to tweak the new software as desired. That’s the beauty of starting small.

    Stage 7 » Promotion

  • Promotion

    BrickWire does more than craft and deliver your solution. BrickWire joins you in the long-term process of captivating your audience. We are passionate about entrepreneurship and committed to your success.

    Overcome the significant challenges associated with developing and promoting something new.

    We coach you on Internet marketing and show you how to increase your Web traffic. We’ll explain market trends and methods to exploit them. Take advantage of our industry connections and opportunities to partner with us to help you sell your newly developed software solution to other businesses that also would benefit.

    Stage 8 » Support

  • Support

    How is it working for you? A project is not launched and forgotten upon deployment. Rather, BrickWire continues to collaborate with clients on real-time software progress. The lifecycle of design and support is ongoing.

    BrickWire Clients have access not only to designers and developers but also to the skilled system administrators who manage the application servers and make sure the applications continue to provide optimal and scalable performance. Any one of these team members is at your service to answer questions.




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